Rack Training Dubai
Posted by Rack Training
May 22, 2017

Rack Training’s global reach.

Rack Training is a well established name within the UK for providing the most up to date and relevant training courses available. Unlike other providers our courses are written to the EN 15635 standard, the very same which other outlets base their “recommendations” from.

Over the years Rack Training have trained the staff of true giants of industry, each time advancing the skills and knowledge of their delegates to create safer working environments.

Our reach doesn’t stop in the UK though. Over the years we’ve completed training courses throughout Europe and America. Evidence enough that Rack Trainings course offering is both diverse and thorough for the varying geographical markets.

Most recently though our Training Manager, Tim Smith trained over 18 individuals for Dubai based IFFCO.

Rack Training were approached by IFFCO who wanted their team to be able to inspect and understand pallet racking damage, in turn creating a safer working environment in their net work of warehouses. The training has now been completed and the team are so delighted that they are looking into the training for their other numerous sites globally.

So, no matter your location, we can train you and your team to be self sufficient and safer around pallet racking. Get in touch today!