Our Pallet Racking Safety Awareness E-learning course gives you and your employees the freedom of learning vital industry information at a pace and time that suits them.

Our E-Learning system  allows your staff to log in and out at any point to complete the courses at a pace and time that suits them, giving you updates on their success/progress.

Our E-learning courses take away the pressures from classroom learning. Modules are completed at the pace of the user as they are the ones in control, if something is not understood, you can go back and check it.

A lot of time was spent making the software easy to use and simple to understand. In turn, the goal of focusing on the course and being able to pass can be easily achieved. Don’t worry though, if the pass level isn’t met, the quiz style tests which occur throughout the process can be re-taken again and again until the minimum target is reached, giving the user a relaxing yet rewarding experience.

Please see course content below.

Course Information

Pallet Racking Safety Awareness

Course content:

This course covers 5 modules highlighting all the essential aspects of pallet racking safety including the components, system types, common hazards and the relevant legal requirements.

Course duration:

This course takes around 40 minutes to complete and can be completed in increments that suit the user.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course is aimed at responsible personnel within the warehouse environment and is ideal for both current and new employees. Suitable roles would include warehouse supervisors, team leaders etc.

What will delegates get from the course?

Employees will gain an understanding of why pallet racking inspections need to be carried out, and the implications of damaged pallet racking.

How many people can take this course?

This course is for individuals working from one PC, tablet, laptop etc. Tokens can be purchased directly from Rack Training which allows management to track progress of their team and also distribute accounts to users.

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