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If you have pallet racking installed within your warehouse, training should form an integral part of your racking safety management system. Current UK legislation requires industrial storage equipment to be inspected and maintained at all times by trained and competent personnel. Where regular storage and racking inspections are being carried out, to ensure health and safety conditions are maintained to an acceptable standard, it is imperative that those appointed with the responsibility have the correct skills and training needed to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently.

Under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, all organisations have a legal duty of care towards their employees and must provide a safe place of work with adequate information, instruction, training and supervision. By ensuring that management and employees under go regular training such as storage equipment safety awareness training, pallet racking damage awareness training and pallet racking inspection training , this will ensure compliance towards the requirements laid out within this legislation.

It is essential that all of the employees within your organisation who are responsible for managing material handling issues are fully trained and have suffucient, knowledge, skills and experience to undertake their duties and responsibilities with due diligence. Any persons who supervise the use of work equipment should also receive information, instruction and training.

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